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Farmer Accidentally Grows Marijuana

marijuana farmer

If someone plants tulips instead of roses they may be disappointed at the results.  However, one would not likely be subjected to police scrutiny and possible criminal prosecution.  A man in Germany made a more serious mistake with his planting.  An elderly farmer planted marijuana seeds instead of sunflowers.  He was very surprised to see the plants grow to 10 feet tall so quickly but did not seem to know they were marijuana plants.  Locals noticed the plants and notified authorities.  Police came and made the man plough the field.  Officials believed that the cannabis was weak and would not have led to “addiction”.  Authorities are still trying to determine whether or not to press charges.  Under German law it is illegal to “knowingly” grow marijuana.  It would seem the 74 year old farmer easily fits the description of unknowingly growing the cannabis plants.


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Germany May Follow Worldwide Marijuana Reform Efforts


While much of our focus on centers around the domestic United States patient, we are always trying to keep our readers up to date on international developments regarding marijuana reform.  The past two weeks have treated us to great news coming out of Uruguay and Colombia with the former legalizing and the latter decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

We at were excited to learn that Germans are also voicing their pleas for decriminalization and legalization efforts.  German government officials have been conducting online polls in an effort to engage the people in the political process directly.  According to Reuters, 152,000 German residents voted online to make cannabis legal.  Also up for vote was a bestiality law, which received 93,000 votes, another vote we agree with.  Apparently in 1969 sexual abuse of animals was decriminalized, decades before serious marijuana reform (if in fact it even happens soon).

Germany is known for their innovation and has successfully navigated through the rough economic currents challenging most of the world.  In fact, much of the rest of Europe and those who utilize the Euro as their main currency have been depending on Germany to provide funds for a bailout in order to stabilize the effects of the European Debt Crisis.  As they are typically forward thinkers in terms of industry, Germany may want to think of unconventional ideas in order to stay ahead of the economic curve.  Additionally, their online polling and voting system may prove to be a great tool for future governing, letting the people actually have a say.

As stated above, there have been some great develops internationally for marijuana reform.  It appears change is now occurring rapidly. recently wrote about a U.N. study that showed marijuana has now become the most used “drug” in the world.  Regulated cannabis could be used to solve financial issues (a small town in Spain tried to lease their land to growers as a way to climb out of debt) and bring much needed medical relief worldwide.  Legalization could also make Oktoberfest even more fun.

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