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Detox: How to Flush Marijuana’s THC Metabolites From Your System

Marijuana’s many cannabinoids are medicinal therapy for a host of complex ailments; MS, PTSD, cancer, and epilepsy, just to name a few. That said, there’s also a good chance they could make passing your next drug test a tad more complicated. Whether hoping to pass a health insurance screening or a workplace drug test, there are countless […] Thanks to

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Yoga and Marijuana: The Enlightening Combination

For those of us who have spent the time studying spirituality, meditation, yoga and various other hippy-dippy ways of being content in the moment, you know what these things can do to improve your quality of life considerably. If you also happen to be a marijuana enthusiast, then you are aware that it’s a whole […] Thanks to

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Garnett March: Rap Music Mogul & Master Grower

The times have changed. When acclaimed music executive Garnett March was launching the careers of Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Blackstreet, Master P, Westside Connection, Floetry, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar, weed was almost always a part of the discussion. Back in those days, blunts, 40’s, and hip-hop represented the holy trinity […] Thanks to

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Louisiana: Gov. Cultivates First Real Medical Marijuana Legislation

On Thursday morning Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards authorized a milestone bill – SB 271 – thereby cultivating Louisiana’s first fully functioning medical marijuana program; creating a system and establishing a pathway for medicinal cannabis to be made available to qualifying patients in the Bayou State. Cognizant of the importance of signing Louisiana’s first real […] Thanks to

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Connecticut’s New Medical Marijuana Program

On May 17th, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a new bill into law addressing previous concerns about minors not having access to medical marijuana should they need it. Before the bill, Connecticut was the only state with a legalized medical marijuana program that excluded patients under the age of 18. House Bill 5450 calls for […]

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Congress To Vote on Medical Marijuana for Veterans

Both chambers of Congress are expected to consider increasing military veterans’ access to medical marijuana this week. The U.S. Senate has been debating a funding bill which contains language preventing the Department of Veterans Affairs (V.A.) from spending money to enforce a current policy prohibiting government doctors from filling out medical marijuana recommendation forms in states where the drug is […]

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Texas Republicans Endorse Medical Marijuana

Texas could become one of the next places in the U.S. to enact a comprehensive medical marijuana program, if the state Republican Party has its way. On Friday, delegates at the 2016 Texas GOP Convention voted to add a medical cannabis provision to the party platform. “We call upon the Texas Legislature to improve the 2015 Compassionate Use […]

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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Hello! Keira from Ambrosia here with another weekly recipe. Today I’ll be showing you how to make cannabis-infused Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is a great, healthy alternative for infusing cannabis. It’s known to promote weight loss, boost the immune system, regulate metabolism, and aid digestion. As a topical, Coconut Oil is excellent for keeping skin […]

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New Study Says There Is No Scientific Basis For Current Marijuana DUI Laws

Currently, six of the states that have legalized marijuana in some fashion use threshold-based blood tests to determine whether or not a driver is under the influence. Blood tests are these states’ primary tool in prosecuting marijuana-related DUI charges. The American Automobile Association, better known as AAA, just released findings from a new study. Researchers […]

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State Department Says DEA Is Wrong on Marijuana Monopoly

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has long held the position that international drug control treaties to which the U.S. is a party prevent the federal government from granting more licenses to grow marijuana for scientific research. The U.S. State Department just said the DEA is wrong. Since 1968, the only legal source of cannabis for studies […]


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