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Los Angeles

Review: Netflix rolls out ‘Disjointed,’ starring Kathy Bates, created by TV guru Chuck Lorre

It might take a medicinal brownie or two to really enjoy the new Netflix comedy ‘Disjointed.’

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An Exclusive Interview with Weedmaps Skate Team Member Haden McKenna

Weedmaps just announced the newest member of their skate team, Venice-native Haden McKenna. had the opportunity to chat with Haden about his roots, who he really skates for, and much more. You can peep Haden’s new video part for Team Weedmaps following the interview. Spoiler alert: the kid shreds. What’s your favorite thing […] Thanks to

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Brooklyn Projects x Weedmaps – Historic Los Angeles Mini-Ramp Rebuild

Weedmaps and Brooklyn Projects recently joined forces to restore a legendary but worn mini-ramp to its former glory. With the help of old school professional skateboarder Eddie Reategui, the new Brooklyn Projects ramp is now ready to shred. Skateboarding was born in Southern California from influential surfers who wanted to ride concrete waves when the ocean […]

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Marijuana Industry News December 13, 2013

Uruguay flag

Uruguay Becomes First Nation to Legalize Marijuana…

The story has been developing for a long time but now it looks official. Uruguay will become the first nation to legalize recreational marijuana.  Uruguay, like many other countries in Central and South America, is attempting to rectify the growing problems related to failed marijuana policy, including the brutal cartel violence.  This week, Uruguay Senators voted 16-13 to legalize and regulate marijuana.  The idea has been championed by Uruguay President, Jose Mujica.  His wife, Senator Lucía Topolansky told Reuters “We begin a new experience in April. It involves a big cultural change that focuses on public health and the fight against drug trafficking.”  Residents, 18 and over, will be able to purchase up to 40 grams per month so long as they are properly registered.

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New York State Lawmakers Considering a Legal Marijuana Industry…

The marijuana conversation in New York has been front and center over the course of the past year in New York.  Unfortunately, most of the focus has been on “Stop and Frisk”, the NYPD’s ruthless strategy to work around a decriminalization law passed in the 1970s.  New York allows possession of up to 25g to be considered a civil citation, punishable by a ticket.  However, the law does not allow for the cannabis to be in plain sight in order to prevent public consumption.  The NYPD tells individuals to empty their pockets.  Refusing to do so is illegal while following the officer’s instructions puts the marijuana in plain sight, where the charges will escalate.  NY State Senator Liz Krueger wishes to put an end to the unjust practices that overwhelmingly target minority residents.  She recently introduced a bill that would create a legal recreational marijuana market similar to Colorado and Washington, complete with state oversight and tax revenues.  She recently said publicly that “There is marijuana usage and there has been forever and we have to stop wasting lives and wasting police power and our courts.”  It is not clear yet if the bill will have enough votes or support from Governor Cuomo to pass.

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Poll Shows California Support for Recreational Marijuana Law is Increasing…

While California residents have been pioneers in medical marijuana, having passed Proposition 215 (California Compassionate Use Act) in 1996, support for legalizing recreational use has taken far longer to grow.  A majority of residents, even up to a few years ago actually were against legalization.  Recently those numbers have been much more evenly split.  The newest polling on the issue shows a majority of California residents now outright support legalizing and regulating recreational marijuana.  A Field Poll found that 55% of California residents support legalizing.  Residents may get their chance to do more than answer survey questions as serious efforts are underway to bring the issue to the ballot for residents to vote on next year. Mark A.R. Kleiman is a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.  He is considered an expert on  drug policy and recently said “Debating about whether to legalize now is pointless, because we’re going to.  The smart debate is about how we’ll do it.”


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Prop D Wins and Eric Garcetti Finally Becomes Mayor in L.A. Election

eric garcetti

Voters had a great deal to look into the current Town of La election.  Following a lengthy fight and runoff election, Eric Garcetti will end up the brand new mayor of La.  Also, voters powered Proposition D, from the three medicinal marijuana initiatives, into victory.  The way forward for the La medicinal marijuana program is unclear as 100s of shops might be influenced through the election.  Proposition D states that the amount of marijuana collectives will go back to the pre-2007 levels at 135.  It’s unclear if you will see further legal cases challenging the ruling.

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Potentially Historic Election in La is Today

yes on f

Today, citizens of La is going to be casting their votes in an exceedingly important election.  After no candidate received enough votes to secure the Mayor’s office outright, Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel have a runoff election.  There’s another essential problem for L.A. voters to consider.  The way forward for safe use of medicinal marijuana might actually be made the decision.  Today, voters can enact legislation that will correctly regulate medicinal marijuana.  This is actually the only suggested solution that will perform background inspections on medicinal marijuana employees, outlaw minors from entering shops, audit shops,  and correctly regulate safety and tax revenues.  If you’re resident of La, we’re encouraging you to definitely election Yes on F.

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Former Mayor Willie Brown Urges L.A. Voters to Election Yes on F

mayor willie Brown

You will find many opinions regarding how to regulate medicinal marijuana.  We at marijuana.internet have certainly reported on a lot of individuals varied tales and opinions.  However, as La citizens prepare to determine the way forward for safe access within their city, they should consider the opinion of former mayor Willie Brown.   Mr. Brown certainly has perspective if this involves regulating and medicinal marijuana.  He was the mayor of Bay Area(1996-2004) , throughout a period when legal medicinal marijuana was at it’s infancy.  Also, he offered as Speaker from the California Condition Set up.  Mayor Brown, like marijuana.internet, is supporting measure F.  Below you can observe a relevant video of him explaining his feelings on Tuesday’s approaching election.




Click the link to determine what Mayor Willie Brown needs to Say on the way forward for La and  Medicinal Marijuana

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Marijuan Industry News May 3, 2013

Vote F

Way forward for La Marijuana Industry Might be Made the decision by Voters inside a Couple of Days…

La has observed quite the cleaning soap opera if this involves marijuana law.  City Council authorities have experienced a range of ineffective ideas through the years inside a desperate make an effort to provide some semblance of regulation.  However safe access for patients is frequently an after thought when these politically motivated ideas are created.  There are three ballots that’ll be chosen on by La citizens on May 21st.  You will see three measures relating to medicinal marijuana regulation that La Voters will select from.  Ordinance E has lost support and it is basically glitch, as congress and U . s . Food and Commercial Employees union leaped ship after initially supporting the measure.  Although abandoned, Ordinance E can’t be removed the ballot.  Proposition D may also be around the ballot and can require a tax increase on medicinal marijuana transactions.  However, the measures would also neglect to correctly address safety, lab testing, marijuana worker background inspections, and barring minors from entering shops.  This really is the key reason why Marijuana.internet is promoting Ordiance F.  If passed,  Ordiance F provides probably the most comprehensive method of modern medicinal marijuana law.  Taxes would be employed to supplement costs connected with education, police, and also the fire department.  It might also require detailed financial records and transparency from dispensary operators.   The goup Angelenos for Safe Access is attempting to boost awareness and be sure that patient’s safety factors are the main priority of Los Angeles’ efforts to manage medicinal marijuana.


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Federal Suit Accuses Police of Distorting Marijuana Accusations to produce Busts…

New York’s questionable “Stop and Frisk” tactic has brought to a lot of unnecessary busts and it has snapped up many head lines.  Many New You are able to citizens have desired to visit a change in the manner police make use of a loophole to bypass the state’s decriminalized marijuana possession laws and regulations.  Having under 25 grams of marijuana in New You are able to is really a civil infraction, unless of course the marijuana is within plain view, which could then be a misdemeanor charge.  When officials utilize “Stop and Frisk” they frequently arrest individuals  The NYPD has defended the practice which appears to focus on mainly non whites.  From the 50 plus,000 1000 busts for marijuana this year, 84% were Hispanic or Black.  The space is much more pronounced within the Bronx and five citizens within the northern borough have filed a federal civil privileges suit from the NYPD.  The suit accuses Police of distorting what the law states to conduct searches of Black and Hispanic people without cause.  What The Law States Department of recent You are able to City has yet to said around the situation and states haven’t yet been offered using the suit.


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Ohio Lawmaker Introduces Marijuana Legalisation Bills…


As the conversation regarding marijuana reform has increased within the Northeast, and try to appears to become thriving out west, it is vital that we don’t neglect what’s going on in the center of the nation.  Michigan is a Area trailblazer for a long time if this involves progressive marijuana law.  Ohio has become also joining the conversation as Condition Democratic Repetition. Robert Hagan features two bills that will drastically reform Ohio’s marijuana law.  House Bill 153 would permit using medicinal marijuana for individuals with chronic conditions.  This could make Ohio the twentieth condition to legalize medicinal marijuana with Maryland becoming the 19th now.  House Joint Resolution 6 would put a choice of a tax and regulation system of leisure marijuana towards the Ohio voters.  Repetition. Hagan has in comparison Resolution 6 towards the lately passed legalisation enter in Colorado.  Hagan lately stated “With invested allocated to the fight against drugs with little progress to exhibit for this, the time is right for additional sensible drug policy within this country…This problem warrants a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ election through the people.”

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Will Recent Federal Raids On Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries Be Swept Under the Political Rug?


The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be held next week on October 3rd.  This debate will focus on domestic policy so we are sure to hear about plans for cost savings and stimulating the economy.  Of course, for activists there is always that economic pink elephant in the room that politicians never want to acknowledge.

However, it remains highly unlikely that debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS will question the candidates as to exactly why the failed war on drugs is persisting.  Earlier this week, there were three raids on marijuana dispensaries located in the downtown area of Los Angeles.  Additionally, 68 other warning letters were issued.  The efforts build on what is almost a year long target on dispensaries by the federal government.  While the raids catch headlines, the collateral damage is rarely covered.  Besides compromising safe access to patients, many jobs have been either put in jeopardy or eliminated totally.

We have yet to hear a coherent plan as to how either candidate will put Americans back to work.  We do know that our government is perfectly constructed to destroy jobs, as thousands of jobs have been eliminated this year alone due to medical marijuana dispensary raids.  However, it may require a new approach to creating jobs in the new age economy.

If other state laws were being targeted by federal authorities, political advocates would come out of the woodwork.  With the vast majority of Americans supporting a physician’s right to prescribe medical marijuana one would think a discussion would even be advantageous to lawmakers.  This is where the state of politics are.  This is a serious issue with economic, safety, and healthcare concerns at stake and we cannot even rely on a full discussion, rather, we are resigned to hoping that a debate moderator asks a single question.

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Colorado Study Shows Need For Regulation and Marijuana Testing

marijuana mold spores

As the election season continues we are pretty much ensured that the political conversation will remain within the narrow scope of only a handful of issues being discussed until January.  While healthcare will be part of the next two months, it will only likely find its way in the campaign through the lens of Obamacare vs. Romneycare.

For many patients who only find relief with marijuana, this will be yet another election where their concerns will not be addressed.  Ignoring and tolerating medical marijuana to some extent is no longer going to be acceptable.  Medication needs to be safe and with a far less rate of addiction and side effects in comparison to opiates and other medication, cannabis already satisfies much of the criteria for useful medicine.  However, with it’s legal status constantly in limbo, cannabis has suffered from a lack of regulation and required testing as many elected officials hope that 75% of the country soon changes its mind and stops supporting medical marijuana.  That seems highly unlikely and our elected officials have chosen to ignore the safety of Americans in favor of outdated talking points and rhetoric.  Simply put, marijuana is here to stay, and providing safe medicine must be a concern.

Shedding more light on the problem is a recent study conducted in Colorado.  Dr. John Martyny of the National Jewish Health studied the findings from 30 grow operations in the Larimer and Denver areas.  The research indicated that certain grows had mold levels about 100 times higher than what is considered safe.  In some growing operations, the mold levels were too high to for their instruments to properly measure.  Dr. Martyny said “These are extremely high levels that we would consider dangerous.”  Fortunately, none of the growing operations studied were legal, giving at least some hope that Colorado medical marijuana patients are not breathing in high levels of mold.

However, there is evidence that even legal growers are not taking the proper precautions in preventing high levels of mold.  The Werc Shop also finds similar problems when conducting laboratory analysis, but unlike Dr. Martyny they DO test cannabis from legal dispensaries.  In a recent conversation with, Dr. Jeffrey C. Raber of the Los Angeles area lab said “We have had numerous secret shoppers find instances of mold and bacteria present at unacceptable, sometimes alarmingly high levels.”  The Werc Shop is one of the most well regarded testing laboratories and was responsible for much of the screening for the 2012 High Times Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

Research shows that we may only be hitting the tip of the iceberg in regards to just how much potential medical marijuana holds.  However, as with any consumable product, improper testing and screening invites devastating side effects.  The high levels of mold found by both Dr. Martyny and Dr. Raber only highlight the need for regulation and testing.  The products created by large Pharmaceutical companies have to abide by FDA standards and a lack of regulation would not be accepted even for over the counter medicines.  As the national campaigns ignores this problem, it is up to patients and activists to demand for regulation, testing, and safety.

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